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1. Stone Diffuser: The most beautiful diffuser I have ever seen!

2. Golden Hour All in One Palette: Obsessed with these golden shades - eyeshadow, blush & highlighter all in one!

3. Barefoot Dreams Blanket: WORTH EVERY PENNY! Trust me - most comfortable thing I own.

4. LUX Unfiltered No.32 Self Tanning Lotion: The best self-tanning lotion...

5. LUX Unfiltered No.12 Self Tanning Drops: And the face drops to go with it! I use these every morning

6. Target Chenille Robe: My new favorite robe!

7. Aria Face Steamer: Ideal for at home facials!

8. Facial Ice Roller: Perfect for de-puffing every morning!

9. Ultimate Renewal Bath Set: You need this if you are a bath lover!

10. Good Scents Hand Cream Trio: One for your purse, one by the sink and one at your desk - plus they are the best scents!

11. MZ Wallace Cosmetics Bag: Chic for when we can all travel again!

12. NuDerma High Frequency Facial Tool: A high quality facial tool in the comfort of your own bathroom!

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