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1. Brooklinen Robe: Perfect at-home loungewear!

2. Whiskey Rocks: For your on-the-rocks type of guy!

3. Butcher Box: A monthly meat subscription…because that sounds like any mans dream!

4. Cole Haan Shoes: I bought these for Matt for our anniversary and he loves them!

5. Brumate: For the one who always has a beer in his hand!

6. Counterman Fresh Essentials: Shampoo, Body Wash and a nice Deodorant!

7. Personalized Whiskey Glasses: A nice personal touch that are even nice on display!

8. Bombas Socks: The best socks you will ever put on your feet!

9. Monogram Keychain Bottle Opener: Another gift I have bought for Matt that comes in handy!

10. Lululemon T-Shirt: Matt and my dad are obsessed with these!

11. Nike Phantom Flyknit Shoes: These are on the top of Matt’s Christmas list!

12. All in Motion Pants: Basically the ABC Lulu Pants… but for a third of the price!

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