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1. Apron: The cutest kitchen accessory!

2. Bon Appétit Magazine Subscription: I am subscribed and love getting these monthly!

3. Ninja Foodie Grill/Air Fryer: An air fryer and grill all in one!

4. Bar Car Necessities: All you need for cocktails at home!

5. Tequila Lover Cocktail Kit: The type of kit I can get down with

6. Brookstone Wine Opener: One of my top 5 must have kitchen appliances!

7. Wustof Knife Set: A mini version of the knife block I own and LOVE!

8. Carafe: Fancy & extra in the best way possible

9. Monogram Marble Cheese Board: Because who doesn’t love a good cheese board

10. Salt Cellar: Love this for my Maldon salt!

11. Recipe Box: My mom gifted this to me years ago and I love it!

12. Big Snack Girl Sweatshirt: I mean… come on!!!

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