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1. Obe fitness: I have used this app for fitness classes the past 8 months and I am obsessed!

2. Mini Clean Deo Set: Clean deodorant for post-workout!

3. Black + Tan Sunset Bra: Cutest sports bra!

4. Apple Watch: I have had mine for 5 years and use it daily!

5. CRX Tank: The best Lululemon tank dupe - I have 3 colors!

6. Dagne Dover: The BEST backpack! I have the large size in black.

7. Bombas: The only socks I will buy!

8. Fit for Me by Courtney Membership: I do 2-3 classes from Courtney a week!

9. Bala Bangles: This was my quarantine gift to myself and I am so obsessed - use them 5-6x a week!!

10. Colorfulkoala Leggings: The best Lululemon legging dupe!

11. Alo Yoga Quarterzip: The best to throw on for a walk or on your way to a workout!

12. Adidas Ultraboost: My favorite tennis!

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